Our Bali beach escapes -

A guide to my island home : Part 1 Bali Beaches

I am 100% an island baby. My Mama is from Bali, Grandfather from Malta & Nan’s heritage is Australian. Although huge, Australia is counted as an Island ;)

Naturally the ocean is what I need to recharge and rejuvenate.

When I feel off balance I head straight to the beach. Bali has so many beautiful beaches and each beach serves its purpose for either R&R or an adventure.

Sunny Recharge + Explore

Balangan Beach  ||  South Bali   ||   Bukit Peninsula

Duration: 1-2 Days

It's old school bali with lots of local warungs. Early morning is best before the sun gets scorching hot. I love renting beach chairs, umbrellas and spending the whole day there to enjoy both the low & high tides. High tide is great to swim in and float over the waves. Low tide reveals rock pools, sea creatures and a rock walk around the cliff to a hidden bathing pools. Drink plenty of fresh coconuts to recharge. The day usually races away from me so I always pack an overnight bag and sleep at either a homestay on the sand ($15 - $50 a room) or a bungalow on the cliff ($50 - $100). Nothing beats waking up to the sounds of the ocean.

Private Beach + Booty Buster

Green Bowl  ||  South Bali   ||   Bukit Peninsula

Duration: 1/2 Day

We got out of the car and I was blown away by the view. We watched a cheeky monkey run into the local shop and steal some cookies so I stashed my sunnies and keys into the bottom of my bag. It’s quite a steep walk down but not dangerous with the cement steps. We had the beach to ourselves! The boys went out for a surf and we set up beach camp with half shade from the cave and half sun to bake in. With kids it’s best to go on low tide & bring some treats so you can bribe them to walk back up on their own. We devoured fresh coconuts and juicy mangoes from a lady selling on the beach. We stayed all morning and head back up what felt like a never ending climb of stairs at lunch time.


Sunset Swim + People Watching

Eco Beach  ||  Canngu  ||  West Coast

Duration: Sunset

Working in bali can sometimes feel like you are wandering in a concrete jungle. Sunsets down at Echo beach are a quick way to connect back with nature. Afternoon swims, cold bintangs, people watching & beach bbqs all whilst being mesmerized by a sunset that transforms the sky.

Beach Club + Black Sand

Kommune Resort & Beach Club  ||  Keramas  ||  East Coast

Duration: 1-2 days

We left early in the morning to beat the traffic. Kommune is about an 1hr 20mins away from Canngu/Seminyak & def worth the drive. Walking through the man made jungle and vege patches to reach the beach club was a nice surprise. The pool on the black sand beach, surf break, yummy food and cocktails were enough to seduce me to stay for a few hours. Although the huge double beach beds kept me there all day. The kiddie crew always enjoy a whole day there and are sound asleep on the way home. Always a clear sign of a good day.

I hope this mini guide will add a sweet twist to your holiday. I would love to see any pics of you with your Lyloh so please do email them to me amy@lyloh.com

Enjoy your bali escape!