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Sky High

Lyloh Sarongs

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Laying on the soft grass looking up at the blue sky watching soft clouds float by, these moments of solitude are what made me create Sky High.

Sky High is created using a traditional Japanese dying technique called Shibori with dye made from Indigo Leaves. 

We choose to use 100% organic cotton jersey which is certified in the Netherlands for its soft texture that is gently beautiful to wear, absorbent & quick dry. 

Lyloh Organic Sarongs are naturally dyed with colours of the earth from roots, leaves, fruits, veggies & flowers using the techniques of our traditional natural dye house in Bali.

The leaves used to create the dye for each Lyloh Organic sarong are freshly picked, mulched & boiled for hours with the duration depending on depth of colour. The process from start to finish is usually one week from picking the leaves until it is dry and ready to be hand stitched. 

Classic Size: W.110cm x L.180cm

Finishing: Hand stitched edges

Fabric: 100% Organic Cotton Jersey, Certified in the Netherlands