The Lyloh Story

The Lyloh seed was planted on my first trip to the tropics. Before leaving Australia I searched high and low to buy a quality sarong without any luck.

Once on my tropical island I was annoyed with the standard beach sarongs that were too small, kept ripping, kinda ugly and when worn would fly open with every step. The final straw was when the dye leaked into my new $100 white bikini!

I threw the ragged sarongs away and started making my own quality long ones with a premium rayon fabric. I tested the lengths & durability all summer long with friends and family. I took on board all the feedback, requests and changes then started creating the first collection.

I was blown away by the response from people worldwide that claimed their Lyloh to be an essential. Many sarong lovers were also desperate for the ragged sarongs to be innovated. The others were sarong virgins and now can't imagine a day with out their Lyloh.

Lyloh Sarongs are made with in an ethical production house that I co-created in Bali 6 years ago. We use long lasting dyes and strong finished edges. It has always been important that each Lyloh Sarong is a high quality product that will last years instead of a summer season and will be passed along.

I hope you love your Lyloh and it travels on many adventures with you!